Nokia released new technology

Nokia announced recently launched a Pro 4.5 G mobile technology, 4.9 G at the same time it also puts forward the plan, it is reported, nokia launched a new mobile technology can boost the snare, capacity and speed can help operators to build the next generation network.

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By nokia AirScale Pro 4.5 G wireless product portfolio to provide technical support, at a rate of about 10 times the initial 4 G networks, provide operators with gigabit peak speed, meet the needs of programmable world growing, at the same time support the upcoming release of the next generation of devices. By up to five frequencies used in the extension of carrier aggregation technology, operators will be able to make full use of abundant FDD in pairs, not authorized spectrum of TDD, all kinds of authorization spectrum, and at the same time ensure operators to meet local and national regulations and obtain the user equipment support in the future.


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