Google smart watches to release

The message Google is developing its own brand of two smart watches, and will be classified as the Nexus brand, appearance design and Moto, close to 360, could be released along with the new Nexus smartphones.

Google smart watches the news comes from android security equipment site an anonymous information, the news that Google is developing two smart watch code Angelfish and Swordfish, respectively, the two smart watches as Google wearable foundation platform of intelligent equipment, and equipped with a round face.

According to reports, one of the smart watch appearance size is larger, with LTE 4 g network, GPS, and heart rate monitoring function, the other small size of a smart watch will not support mobile network and GPS, function is relatively simple.

The news also revealed the Google project plan, even describes in detail the appearance of the Watch, code-named larger Angelfish smart Watch size and function are very abundant, the shell is 43.5 mm wide, 14 mm and thickness, as a smart Watch its size slightly wide, but than Moto 360 and LG Watch has a slightly smaller size of the Urbane.

This watch will obviously on the right side to install a large, similar to a traditional watch button and you can through the small button at the top and bottom of the various functions of options and Settings. May also set up two additional buttons, one to quickly select contacts, another can quickly open the App.


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