A new Surface equipment is coming

From the perspective of a has disclosed information, Microsoft seems to be going to publish this year a new Surface equipment. Recently, the Indian developers Shubhan Chemburkar recently discovered when they visit Microsoft Building 88 relevant cues. Microsoft to show their hardware products on one side wall, the latest equipment including Surface of Pro 4, Surface upgraded version of the Book and Surface Pen and the Type of Cover. But it is interesting to note that has found a write of Chemburkar in “2016” and “upcoming” placeholder.

Although the placeholder icon is clearly a Surface, but it is hard to say it will be a flat, notebooks, peripherals, or new product type. There are rumours that recently, Microsoft may be released in this year a Surface all-in-one against apple, at the same time as the Surface Book alternative. And there are people familiar with the fact, Microsoft is experiment much money belongs to the traditional PC type of Surface equipment.

Besides is due to be released in 2016, the new equipment, Chemburkar three more of images would be placeholder products launched in the year. Always there are rumours that Microsoft is developing a Surface Phone, and they are expected to bring Surface in the next year Book and Surface Pro 4 upgrade model.


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